Meet Marvin

Small Business Owner, Community Leader

The Kansas state government utilizes as the “people’s voice” a Citizens Legislature. The concept is that the interests of the people are best served by citizen legislators coming from a wide spectrum of diverse backgrounds, livelihoods and experiences rather than by full-time career politicians. I have been encouraged to serve because we need more representatives from the business community who understand the impact government can have, positively and negatively, on economic growth, business development and jobs creation and retention.

I have been an independent small business owner for over two decades. My business experience has been leading firms that help people improve their lives and careers by providing full-time and part-time employment opportunities with companies throughout the greater Kansas City, Topeka and Lawrence areas.

Everyday I work with businesses and people whose families depend upon a healthy, vibrant Kansas economy and a strong educational system. I know the importance of solid values having enjoyed a supportive family and community network growing up in central Nebraska. Today, the ethics of hard work, integrity and contributing continue to guide me in business and in the community with current or past involvement and leadership roles with the Overland Park Rotary, the Nottingham Forest South Home’s Association (past President), National Federation of Independent Business (member of the Kansas NFIB State Council), Mid-America Personnel and Staffing Services (regional Board member) and the Church of the Ascension (past Parish Council member).

Paid for by Kleeb for Kansas House; Margaret Bonicelli, Treasurer